A 401k partner that is vested in your client’s outcome.

Personalized advice

We know you're busy. You probably don't have time to offer advice to each employee. That's where Kinetik comes in. We get to know our users so we can create a personalized plan to grow their wealth.

Low fee

We want to make personalized 401k management advice accessible to all. At just $10/month, Kinetik is an easy way to keep employees engaged and feeling confident about their financial future.

Outcome driven

We are invested in our customers' success. Kinetik creates a comprehensive retirement wealth strategy by building a personalized portfolio and guiding users through Success Factors.


Kinetik offers fiduciary-managed account advice via desktop and mobile applications. We know you’re always concerned about your clients - Kinetik just makes it official.


Kinetik drives better outcomes for your employees.

Engaged employees are happy employees. Give your employees the tools they need to stay engaged with their financial well-being. Build their confidence in their financial security. Provide the individual attention they deserve.

Kinetik can be part of your plan or can be an RIA focused on helping your employees grow wealth through their 401k - whatever works best for you!

— Build personalized portfolio using core funds

You’ve already designed a great 401k plan for your employees. Now help them get the most out of it. Kinetik will seek maximum returns for your employees by designing personalized portfolios from the available funds.

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— Achieve outcomes with our success factors

Kinetik's Success Factors help guide employees to smart decisions about their wealth. We leverage behavioral nudges to guide them toward wealth creation and keep them notified through mobile notifications.

Learn more about Success Factors

— Feel more confident about their retirement

Managing a 401k can be stressful. And complicated. And overwhelming. Let us help your employees feel confident about their financial future so they can focus on other things that truly matter.

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Plan Advisors

Adding more value to your plan sponsors and participants is now our job too.

Personalized Wealth Strategy
Kinetik creates a personalized strategy so participants can experience their retirement wealth growth.

Goal Setting and Achievement
Smaller targeted outcomes for each participant each year with our Success Factors.

Fiduciary Services
We provide fiduciary managed account advice through web and mobile.

Low Fees
Low and transparent pricing. So 401k management is affordable for all.

Wealth Managers

Provide management on your customers’ 401k accounts.

Kinetik makes it easy for you to add 401k management to your services to help grow your AUM. Offer your clients a complete approach to wealth management, plus fiduciary services in the 401k space.

No matter how much you save
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Giving your employees access to Kinetik is equivalent to a 3% raise.

Let us help you retain employees and attract top talent.

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